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Principal founders Dan Covington and John Friend partnered in a quest to address the disproportionate tire blowouts and resultant fatalities that ensued in the R.V. industry through an established, thoroughly tested, economical, wireless external tire monitoring system. While addressing this fatal need within the R.V. owner circles, it immediately became apparent that all sizes, types, and designs of commercial transport vehicles were also in dire need of the security and fuel conservation afforded by this very unique, dependable product. At that point the mission became clear. Take this life-, fuel-, and property-saving device and make it affordable for businesses and individuals alike. To this end we have succeeded.

TST is the only tire pressure monitoring system to be exclusive to commercial equipment producers such as PACCAR (Peterbilt / Kenworth), and sold nationally through Camping World, Bass Pro Shops on line, and Pilot / Flying J (In select stores). We simply do what we say we are going to do and we warranty our products and stand behind them. Trustworthy…Reliable...Timeliness…These are the fundamentals of any successful business and they are not wasted at Truck System Technologies, Inc. They are the bedrock of our corporate heritage.



Each sensor has its own individual code that is easily entered into the monitor. The sensors transmit tire pressure and tire temperature to the monitor every two minutes unless a gradual tire deflation, rapid tire deflation, or elevated tire temperature event is encountered.

Our sensors are operational in heavy rains, snow, high humidity, and wet or icy road conditions.


The monitor then highlights a tire and reports tire temperature and pressure. It will rotate around the electronic diagram on the screen and it will report temperature and pressure of each tire monitored approximately every two minutes.

The monitor can adhere to a dashboard AC vent using the bracket provided or you can adhere the monitor to your dash board using Velcro to hold it in place


The system will immediately focus and report data and alarms will sound and icons will flash on the screen in the event of gradual tire deflation, rapid tire deflation, or elevated tire temperature. In such a circumstance, the reporting is continuous until tire pressure or tire temperature returns to a normal range.

The system reports in PSI, KPa, Fahrenheit, or Celsius at the discretion of the system owner.