The freedom a Recreational Vehicle gives the traveler really can’t be matched. The road is yours and ready to be traveled. You are only limited by places to park your home away from home, and with the growing number of RV’s on the road, the places to stay for the night are available everywhere. So, the question is presented, is it better to buy or rent an RV? The answer is…that depends. For starters, it’s probably a good idea to rent an RV before you buy one. If you want to know how an RV handles, how large of a vehicle you need for you and your family, gas mileage and amenities, renting may be an effective way to start out. You don’t just buy a car without test driving one first so renting an RV for a short trip is a smart move. The first thing to consider is how much you will use your RV. If you want to travel extensively through the states, purchasing an RV may be the right choice for you. The RV will always be ready to go. No agreements, papers or formalities are needed to hit the road, just get in and head out. The next key factor is price. This is where frequency also comes into play. For the infrequent traveler, renting would be a better option. While renting an RV can actually be more expensive than renting a hotel room per night, it is still cheaper than buying an RV and not using it. An avid traveler would be better off buying an RV since frequent use, even when factoring in gas prices and parking fees, would be far cheaper over time than more traditional vacation options. And While purchasing an RV is pricey, there are ways to get a better deal on your vehicle. Buying used, older model, smaller or even trailer RV’s are a more cost-effective way to purchase your home on wheels. Just remember to check that the vehicle meets all safety standards and consider installing a tire pressure sensor monitor to avoid tire blowouts as you travel. Now that you have the facts, make your decision, get out there and see the world.