Mobile Asset Management System (M.A.M.S.)

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Product Description

The Mobile Asset Management System (M.A.M.S) broadcasts real time tire pressure, tire temperature, and vehicular locational data via SIM transmission. TST is the only company to have pioneered this technology at the request of industry leaders. The MAMS device will operate using rechargeable battery technology developed in partnership with the University of Maryland. This device will transmit data from a stationary trailer for 6 months without a power connection. The system broadcasts real time alerts via the internet for use by fleet management teams for locational, as well as, tire data. The starter kit arrives complete with the ability to monitor two tires. You purchase additional sensors at a rate of one sensor per tire for tire pressure and temperature monitoring. GPS locational data is included and our GPS data transmits via a Google platform. Annualized monitoring is included in the purchase price. Download M.A.M.S. PowerPoint Presentation Here – 2014 sam