TST 507 Internal

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TST has introduced our internal tire sensors which will mount internally with its own valve stem. The valve stems are brass, and come in 3 inch and 2 inch lengths with flow through fill caps. This is a 6 sensor starter kit. The TST 507 Internal sensors arrive with seven year batteries and they will program and operate with our 507 monitors with the same ease as our external 507 sensors. Our TST 507 Internal sensors sell for $79.00 each with a three year warranty. They are available with 1 inch, 2 inch, or 3 inch valve stems and will work with any truck or RV configuration. This system operates using a seven year battery and it programs and works with our existing 507RV or 507SCE monitors. Please call us to discuss your valve stem length requirements and enjoy the benefits of the only commercially viable internal tpms on the market. Please call us at (770) 889-9102 to order!