TST 507SCE Commercial Flow Through Sensor System

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Product Description

The TST507SCE Flow Through System has been developed to eliminate the need to remove sensors to add and remove air from commercial tires. The sensors feature a seven year battery, and have been developed and tested with fleets, owner operators, and even straight trucks in mind. This technology fully integrates with all of our existing sensors, and are often applauded for the ease of install, ease of use, and the overall reduction in time and labor in removing sensors to add and remove air from the tires. These sensors report both tire PSI and tire temperature in real time, providing customizable alert parameters which are vehicle specific, and set by the end user. These sensors are presently in use in varied, extreme climates and they come with our award winning warranty. The base system arrives with six (6) sensors capable of monitoring six tires. You then purchase additional sensors in quantities of two for a maximum of 36 tires to be monitored. Download 507SCE Flow Through Quick Install Guide Here