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Quantifiable Savings Study Results

(These savings are based upon current fuel costs at $4.00 per gallon for diesel fuel. When fuel prices increase, the savings will increase at an even faster rate.) Rolling resistance charts have been acquired and resistance rates have been tabulated on the basis of tire manufacturer data. The lower the tire PSI, the greater the inherent drag, and the greater energy generation is required to move the tire, resulting in greater fuel consumption. Based upon our study, we have determined that 70% of RVs, and even commercial transport trucks are operating at or beyond 10% below the tire manufacturers recommended PSI cold for their respective gross vehicle weights. Michelin defines a tire as being under inflated at these levels, and equates premature tire wear and increased fuel costs to under inflated tires.

Savings Calculator
1 truck with ten tractor tires operating below the proper inflation will increase fuel consumption by 3 gallons per week. (These numbers are based upon 90,000 miles per year in transit.) 1 truck with proper PSI will save $12.00 per week, or $48.00 per month. With 1 truck, you can expect to save $48.00 per month, or $576.00 over the course of a 12 month operating period. The system will function for 5 years, and over 5 years the system will save $2880.00 over the five year battery life of our system.

1 Tire Pressure Monitoring system for ten tires cost: ($499.00)
Five Year Savings $2880.00
Savings Over Five Years (At today’s fuel prices) $2381.00

The system will pay for itself within the first 11-12 months of service, and likely sooner as fuel prices rise. This system will also eliminate many roadside service calls, save man hours in manually striking tires with clubs, and provide continual data streaming to driver and maintenance personnel.