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    Decrease Your Fuel and Maintenance Costs

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    Stop Tire Trouble Before it Starts

  • Save on Gas and Tire Costs Annually


Welcome to TST, The TPMS market leader!

In the business of TPMS, TST leads the way for several reasons:

Value, Quality, & Durability 

The only Full Color Wide Screen Display

Multiple sensor types can be combined to fit your applicaiton. 

Our system will notify you in the event of a nail puncture or other gradual pressure loss, sudden tire temperature increases, or in the event of a rapid deflation in the tires.

The system reports both temperature and PSI simultaneously!! Ice, snow, rain, extreme heat….we can take it! Let the system monitor your tires and avoid the manual effort.


Recreational Vehicles

For RV tire monitoring and safety, no other company or product can compare to the TST line of products. Top quality and affordability combine to give our customers the absolute best tire safety systems for recreational vehicles of all types and styles.

Light Duty, Agriculture and Marine

With sturdy manufacturing, superior quality and affordable price, marine transportation has never been safer. No matter the climate—ice, snow, rain or heat—our systems are up to the task of measuring and monitoring your tires.

Commercial Vehicles

Long hauls and multiple miles are what our systems thrive on. Commercial vehicle tires take a beating and need a system that will keep up and keep drivers safe. TST provides the best full spectrum tire monitoring system on the market—perfect for commercial vehicles..