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We beat SmarTire, Pressure Pro, Tire Minder, Doran, and Bendix in price, quality, options, and durability....don't pay more for less....Our system will notify you in the event of a nail puncture or other gradual pressure loss, sudden tire temperature increases, or in the event of a rapid deflation in the tractor or the trailer tires.

The system reports both temperature and PSI simultaneously!! Ice, snow, rain, extreme heat....we can take it! Let the system monitor your tires and avoid the manual effort.

Attention professional drivers and fleet managers:

The National Transportation Safety Board weighs in on tire pressure monitoring systems for commercial drivers and RV owners:

NTSB chairwoman Deborah Hersman responded to the question: "What has this trip taught you?" regarding a recent, well documented ride over the road with veteran UPS driver Clarence Jenkins.

Her response: "One of the issues I've seen so far is safety — advanced collision warning systems, adaptive cruise control, lane departure systems, tire pressure monitoring systems. That technology is on passenger vehicles, and commercial vehicles are probably the ones that are the most in need of it."