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TST OEM Support

My unit came with a display.

If your RV came WITH a TST TPMS Display, please follow these simple instructions to get you paired, activated and on the road!:

Sensor Installation & Pairing:
  • Your Sensors were installed at the factory.
  • Internal, Banded Sensors are mounted on the wheel before tire installation.
  • Yellow or Green Valve Stem Cap is the visual indicator of factory-installed Sensors.
  • In some applications, your Sensors may be the Screw-On Cap or Flow-Through type.
Yellow Valve Stem Cap indicates Internal Sensor Installed at FactoryGreen Valve Cap
Repeater Installation:
  • Your Repeater was installed at the factory towards the front of the RV. This enhances the signal to your TST Display.
Repeater Installed
Example: Repeater shown installed in battery box.


 VIDEO Quick Installation Procedures - TST Wireless TPMS:

Click the video image below for the LATEST detailed procedures on setting up your system.

Additional Instructional Videos are available below, or you may visit the complete library at TST-Truck System technologies on YouTube.

Installation Procedures - TST Wireless TPMS System


Adobe Acrobat PDF PDF Installation Procedures - TST Wireless TPMS:

Click the TST TPMS How-To Guide PDF image below for the LATEST Quick Set-up and FAQ's for your Factory-equipped system.

       TST-TPMS RV Dealer Delivery Insert  

The LATEST TST TPMS How-To Installation Manual PDF's are below:



Color Display Pack
User Manual

2020 Color Display-Repeater Pack User Manual

Color Display-Repeater
Pack User Manual


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